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Welcome to our terms and conditions, website usage terms, privacy policy and cookie policy page. We've combined them all into one easy-to-read and easy-to-understand page. Please, before you use our service, ensure you have read and agree to the terms and policies on this page.

The information on this page is subject to change at any time, without prior notice, and was last updated on 10/12/2018.

The quote forms you can see on this website are provided Quotatis, who arrange the quotes direct. Once you complete the form with your details, you confirm that the information you have provided is accurate and true and that Stairlift Savings Wales has permission to send your information and contact details to the quote provider Quotatis.

Your personal information and contact details are never loaned, sold or leased to any third parties other than Quotatis who arrange and provide the stairlift quotation service.

The Stairlift Savings Wales website has been designed entirely for informational purposes and does not represent professional stairlift advice. If you are looking for expert advice, please contact your closest registered stairlift professional.

At the time of pulication, all information on this website was deemed both accurate and true. We cannot be held liable for any potential inaccuracies that are found within the content of the Stairway Savings Wales website.

All information obtained, collated and distributed on this website is done so according to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Website Usage Terms

Your usage of the www.stairliftsavingswales.co.uk website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

We will not be held responsible in any way for your usage of the services and information provided on this website. Your usage of our website is carried out entirely at your own risk. You are entirely responsible to ensure that the services offered are suitable for your needs prior to using them.

The information provided is done so purely for informational purposes. The information provided may be subject to alteration at any given time without prior notice given. No guarantee to the suitability or accuracy of any of the information is provided by us or any third party. By using the Stairlift Savings Wales website you acknowledge that any information provided may contain errors or inaccuracies from time to time, and that we expressly exclude all forms of liability for such inaccuracies to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Complete acknowledgement is made for any trademark reproduction across the Stairlift Savings Wales website where they are not licensed to or are the property of the operator.

There is information contained within this website which has been licensed to Stairlift Savings Wales including, but not limited to the design, UI, layout and any graphical elements. Therefore it is expressly forbidden to reproduce or copy any of the aforementioned elements unless in strict adherence with the Stairlift Savings Wales copyright notice. Any unauthorised usage of the aforementioned elements can be considered a criminal offence which in turn could lead to damage and prosecution claims.

At times, the www.stairliftsavingswales.co.uk website may provide hyperlinks to external websites. We take no responsibility for the content of these external sites. They are provided for your convenience, and we have no control over the content provided by external websites. A link from the Stairlift Savings Wales website does not represent an endorsement in any way.

All usage of this site and any disputes that arise from such use will be subject to the relevant laws of the United Kingdom.

Cookie Policy

What exactly are cookies?

Nowadays, most websites use cookies in some form or another. Explained simply... a cookie is a small text file which is transferred to your computer or internet enabled device when you visit a website. The contents of this small file is determined by the website owner and is accessed each time you visit the website.

What do cookies contain?

Cookies are used primarly to enhance your user experience of a website. They can save login-information (so you don't have to re-login every time), and save products in your shopping cart so you can continue browsing. They can also be used to ensure you are only ever shown relevant, targeted advertising specific to your needs.

Types of Cookies

There are 2 main types of cookies used:

Session Cookies

These text files are only stored on your device for the duration of your browsing session. Therefore when you have finished looking on the internet, the files are deleted.

Persistent Cookies

These text files are stored on your device for a longer period of time (which is normally determined by site owner). Therefore if you stop browsing the internet and start a new browsing session at another time they will still exist.

First-Party Cookies

These are issued from the website you are currently browsing and store details such as personal information and general preferences.

Third-Party Cookies

These cookies are provided by third party websites, i.e. not the website you are currently browsing. Typical examples are website visitor statistic services, so website owners can view how many visitors they have had on any given day, and where they visited from. Such cookies are used with the intent to perform research into browsing behaviour, demographics and also targeted marketing campaigns.

How Do Stairlift Savings Wales Use Cookies

We use functional, session cookies in order to improve your browsing experience however we do not store any browsing or personally identifying data at any time. We have compiled a list of the cookies used on this website below:

  • Quotatis - This cookie is a third-party session cookie delivered by our quote provider Quotatis. It ensures that the quote form you complete operates correctly, and stores your information temporarily so you can navigate the form and make amendments to the data you input. It does not record any personal information and deleted when you exit your browsing session.

Privacy Policy


We're committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure. As such we have implemented appropriate physical, electronic and managerial systems in place to provide the confidentiality of all information submitted via this site.


Stairlift Savings Wales never see any of the information submitted by the quotation forms provided by Quotatis. Additionally there is no way for us to access any of the details provided within these forms. Your details and quote requests are sent directly to Quotatis who in turn process them.


In order to provide the best possible user experience, this website uses functional session cookies that at no time gather any personal information. They are deleted when your browsing session ends.

Personal Information

The quote forms you can see on the Stairlift Savings Wales website deliver your request directly to Quotatis, therefore we never see any of the informaiton provided. e will never see, store, pass-on or resell any of your personal information to additional third parties unless given express permission to do so.

External Links

We may occasionally provide links to external websites. These links are provided for informational purposes and do not signify an endorsement from Stairlift Savings Wales. It is important to remember that by leaving the www.stairliftsavingswales.co.uk website you will no longer be covered by our privacy policy and terms & conditions. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for the protection of your personal data or privacy when visiting these external websites. We strongly advise that you read the terms, cookie policy and privacy policy of the external website visited.


If you have any queries about our terms of website use, cooie policy or privacy policy then please contact us and we will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.


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